Sam StoloffSam Stoloff joined the Agency in 1997, after completing an MFA in poetry and a doctoral dissertation in American cultural history, both at Cornell University.  He is interested in books that advance the public conversation on crucial issues and groundbreaking work of all kinds, including literary fiction, memoir, history, accessible sociology and philosophy, cultural studies, serious journalism on contemporary and international affairs, and narrative and topical nonfiction with a progressive orientation.  Among his particular interests are literary graphic fiction and nonfiction, works on environmental sustainability, books on legal affairs and the justice system, works that dissect the right wing and American imperialism, the history of race in America, the history of science and technology, and books on food culture and history.  His taste in fiction ranges from the psychologically realistic, to first-rate speculative literature.

His clients include Susan Bordo, Monica Byrne, Mandy Catron, Pratap Chatterjee, David Cole, Cliff Conner, Dessa, Ray Douglas, Mark Edmundson, Shelley Fisher Fishkin, Bruce Grierson, Michael Hudson, Lynn Hunt, Margaret Jacob, Steven Jaffe, Barbara Kingsolver, Michelle Kuo, Anna Lappé, Stephanie Mencimer, Rutu Modan, Carla Peterson, Sam Polk, Janisse Ray, Gretchen Reynolds, Clancy Sigal, Siva Vaidhyanathan, Mike Wallace, and Helene Wecker.