Coffee House Relaunches Brian Evenson Backlist to Critical Acclaim


Brian Evenson’s newly released four-book set, published by Coffee House Books in a handsome new design, consists of three reissued out-of-print novels — Father of Lies (1998), The Open Curtain (2006), Last Days (2009) — and one new short story collection, A Collapse of Horses.

And with this publication has come exciting attention.

A profile in The New Yorker of the literary horror icon discusses the overlap of his fiction, with its trademark “creeping uncertainty,” and his devout Mormon childhood.

“Brian Evenson’s Writing Is as Brutal as It Is Beautiful”, Blake Butler’s glowing VICE review, uses the relaunch to assess Evenson’s career, making the case that “now’s a great time to be a Brian Evenson fan, new or longstanding.”

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